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Treatment for Nervous System Conditions

Doctor pointing at MRI of human brain澳门捕鱼游戏's Division of Neurosurgery provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art care for adults with a broad range of conditions affecting the nervous system. Our neurosurgeons, neurosurgical nurse practitioners, and other clinical and support staff work as a team to ensure that patients have the best possible outcomes.

Our neurosurgeons are key members of the 澳门捕鱼游戏 Spine Center, Cancer Center, Brain Aneurysm Institute, and the Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinic, and work collaboratively with other members of the Department of Surgery to provide patients with comprehensive, multidisciplinary, well-coordinated care.

We also conduct research to improve patient care, and offer a neurosurgery residency program and a fellowship program.

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Programs & Services

Brain Aneurysm Institute

The Brain Aneurysm Institute at 澳门捕鱼游戏, led by renowned neurosurgeons Christopher S. Ogilvy, MD (Director) and Ajith J. Thomas, MD (Co-Director), is one of the premier centers for neurovascular diseases worldwide.

Brain and Spinal Tumor Surgery

We provide state of the art care for patients with benign or cancerous tumors of the brain and spine. Collaborating with other specialists at 澳门捕鱼游戏, we provide individualized care to achieve the best possible results.

Spine Surgery

Our neurosurgeons treat a wide range of spine disorders using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, including minimally invasive surgical procedures. We work closely with the Spine Center to ensure multidisciplinary, coordinated care.

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