Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center

研究 and Educational 项目:

Advanced Treatment and Support for Movement Disorders at 澳门捕鱼游戏

Male Parkinson's Disease 病人 Using WeightsAll providers in our center are currently offering telehealth virtual visits. 请打电话给 安排约会.

The Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center at 澳门捕鱼游戏 brings together an exceptional team of multidisciplinary providers to offer personalized care and the most advanced treatment to patients with 帕金森病, 亨廷顿氏舞蹈症, 肌张力障碍, tremors, atypical parkinsonism, and various other movement disorders. In addition to providing world-class care, our team offers educational and support resources and is actively involved in groundbreaking 临床试验.

患者教育  健康工作

项目 & 服务

Parkinson’s Disease Program

We offer coordinated, multidisciplinary care and a variety of support and resources.

Huntington's Disease Program

我们提供创新, intensive and comprehensive care for 亨廷顿氏舞蹈症 (HD) throughout the course of the disease.

脑深部电刺激 Program

Our experts treat patients with tremor, 肌张力障碍 and 帕金森病 when medications are no longer adequate.


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